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Once apon a time there was a store that becameWine Club Onwine

In May 2011, the online store Onwine, which belongs to Fladgate Partner Ship Group, comes to us with poor results and problems in the positioning in search engines and the online sale of products. After analysis of all the aspects that would be needed to improve and implement interventions at the level of programming and content structure, we get very gratifying results, as the substantial increase in online sales, more than 60% and the conquest of the first places in engines search. This design has thus become a real success, regarding the implementation and measurement of SEO and online marketing strategy.

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Muse Creative Awards - Onwine
Muse Creative Awards - Onwine Desktop
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Muse Creative Awards - Onwine Mobile e Ipad

MultiLojas and Four Wine Clubs Management

With the evolution of the project, appeared in 2012, we had the need to expand this online store to an online wine club. In this period and based on the MultiLojas management platform, also developed in partnership with the Control Group Invest, the Wine Club to the Journal News, Daily News and O Jogo. In addition to all areas and modules required for the online sales process, we highlight some important features that were developed specifically for the business of our client Onwine, namely:
• Register / Login can be done through Facebook
• Shipping Costs interactive system.
• Purchase and Points Accumulation

  • Client: Onwine
  • Technology: MultiLoja Platform Management, CMS Backoffice, HTML 5, Javascript, Login via Social Media, process interactive shopping, advanced search system in the products.
1st place in the search engines