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An optimized online storeto improve user experience

Bluebird is a chain of specialized retail in Watch and Jewellery with 10 stores in Portugal . The online store of this client had serious usability problems which gave discomfort and insecurity to users. In 2012, Webcomum became responsible for optimizing the online store in order to improve interaction with users and online results. Our intervention in the online store consisted of:
• Optimize the layout and structure of the products;
• Improve usability aspects throughout the online store
• Strengthen communication with customers and prospects ;
• Increase sales and site visits.

Bluebird Watch
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Google Adwords and Bluebird Facebook
Flypaper for Bimby
Cover Annual Report 2013
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Adwords Campaign - The right communication produces results !

After these interventions , the need to define an online marketing strategy allowing test the effectiveness of interventions carried out and promote sales online. During four months, define and monitor one adwords campaign with specific Ad Groups for the most important brands of store online. The goals were clear:
•Promote and disclose the brands and their products available online
•Generate Online Sales and Leads
The results were evident:
•we raise more than 56,000 visits to the website of BlueBird
• Every month , we reached more than € 1,000 in volume of revenues
•We reduce the website bounce rate by 20%


From 20 de Novembro until 20 de Dezembro de 2014, we create and manage a Christmas campaign on Facebook called Christmas Magazine. this campaign had as main goals:
• Generate interaction with the Facebook public and encourage them to see / buy in Bluebird online store
• Increase Customer records in the online store – 200 New Records in the Online Store
• Increase sales in online store.

During this period it was expected to offer the Christmas magazine 2014 to all users to perform a record or online purchase in the online store Bluebird .

The results exceeded all expectations . In the middle of December we had already surpassed the goal 200 New Records .

In total , this campaign resulted in a total of 749 shares held by 673 people. These actions, we highlight the 449 channeled visits to the site and 225 records and effective conversions on the site.
An Authentic Success!

  • Client: Bluebird
  • Online Marketing Actions: Adwords campaign, Facebook Pixel Helper, SEO, Facebook campaigns, effective Online Communication
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