Vital Iguaria

Feel the taste of Portugal

A National Brandable to conquer the world

The goal was to create an image that would convey a strong national component in the foreign market and easily adapt to labels and all product design materials

Doce Vital Iguaria
Logotipo Vital Iguaria
Mobile Vital Iguaria
Vital Iguaria Stationary
2013 Cover Annual Report
Vital Iguaria Label Wine Bottle
Vital Iguaria Label

Let's commercialize what is ours !

The entire corporate image of the brand was inspired by the flavors of the products they sell and the Portuguese tradition. In each element and color used in the logo has a meaning . Since the fado , the Barcelos rooster , crafts and Portuguese embroidery are part of the history of this brand. After finishing all the corporate identity of the brand, all the material product design was developed. Wine labels and packaging the jam for frozen products were developed according to the particular characteristics of each product and in order to highlight them competition

  • Client: Vital Iguaria
  • Technology: Adobe Photoshop e Adobe Ilustrator
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