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Web Apps

This service is Webcomum's positioning, know-how, and most important business pillar.

The Web apps are developed according to each business' management needs.

The main objectives are:

  • Optimize resources;
  • Monetize investments;
  • Facilitate processes and control mechanisms and business management
  • Solve existing organizational problems and failures

Examples of
WEB Apps developed:

Exemplos de Aplicações Web

CRM - Customer Relationship Management - Customer database management software that allows you to create, manage, and monitor the relationship with each customer, namely, scheduling and sales calls register, sending of proposals, data and information of each customer, among other features.

SALES MANAGER – Management and Control of Sales.

SGEC – Driving school management software. Allows you to manage the group of driving schools that each client has through a single software.

PEM - Electronic Prescription of Medication used nationally.
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Online Stores

Implementing a Project with an Online Shop can mean the creation of a complete system for shopping and ordering online, which allows for the automatic Sale and Payment of goods & services.

At the moment, one can sell anything online and the benefits for each business are evident:

  • Attracting and Attaining New and Potential Customers;
  • Increase in Sales Volume;
  • Communication and full interaction with the User;
  • Management and full analysis of the sales, the best-selling products, the order status, customer data
  • Shop in a practical, intuitive, and effective manner.
  • Cost reduction by the Administration.
  • Expand the area of ​​operation and business to other markets.
  • Campaigns and Promotions creation without limits and time constraints.
  • Effective Stock Management and Control.
  • Total autonomy by the user who selects, analyzes, and buys products. With Online Shops, one can guarantee More Savings, Less Costs, and More Profit for your business.

Design thinking

Design Thinking requires finding solutions through creativity, emotions and putting ourselves in the place of others.

This process is based on 5 phases:

  • Creating empathy with the other person to understand their needs;
  • Defining the specific problem that needs to be solved by listening to others;
  • Generating the idea that will solve the problem, listening to the input from people from different areas and with different perspectives;
  • Creating a prototype of the idea to test in a real scenario;
  • Testing the prototype with whom it will be used and realizing what is right and what is wrong in order to correct or abandon the idea if it does not pass the tests

Being able to say that we care about the users is more than a simple marketing sentence, for WEBCOMUM; it means really understanding the expectations of our customers and, consequently, of its users. Our purpose is to offer the best experience possible.

Webcomum Team
Analysis and Testing - Prototyping
If not approved, back to the research phase

User Experience

At Webcomum, we believe that the most important factors are the people and so the concept of User Experience (UX) is inevitably part of our work.

Despite being very comprehensive, this concept results from the interaction of many factors, both on an intrinsic and extrinsic level. Removing the technical jargon and trying to explain in a simple manner UX aims to create unique experiences. To do so requires careful planning, focused on the user experience in regards to what has been created. Thus, the end result will be of much higher quality and, therefore, the user will be happier.


Responsive design is the solution to ensure that your online presence is effective, regardless of the type of navigation support used.

Websites Responsive Design
Websites Responsive Design
Websites Responsive Design

At a time when the variety of monitor resolutions and mobile devices is astronomical, it is crucial to ensure that the websites are quickly and easily accessible to all types of existing resolutions.
Web projects developed from scratch by Webcomum are based on this feature, because this way we are ensuring the Customer that the Web project will allow:

  • Increase of Web Reputation and achievement of a broader audience.
  • Effective long-term solutions that are faster and optimized for searches on mobile devices.
  • Full satisfaction for users when navigating the site.
  • Increase of Leads and Online Results.
  • Added value with less maintenance and updating costs.

1.7 billion
people use smartphones
1.7 billion
people use smartphones

mobile version

The increase in sales of Smartphones, together with the increase in the number of people who access websites via their mobile phones, has led to the need to create apps and content compatible with mobile phones.

The Mobile Version is basically an extension or subdomain of the existing website which will allow for successful display on any mobile device. In these versions, there is a need to adapt content and areas in accordance with the aims and experience we wish to provide to the users. The Layout and Structure are considered in the creative and technical process, as is the Content Management through BackOffice, Cataloguing and Potentiation of searches in the search engines, and the Geo-Targeting (specific marketing strategies for the target audience which it aims to reach or involve).

mobile apps

Webcomum is certified for the development of mobile apps for IOS and Android.

These Mobile APPs are developed based on the operating system and aim to facilitate the execution of certain activities for the user, such as financial cost control, consultation of maps and locations, GPS, among others.
When implementing these applications, we must take into account the objective and the type of need that we are going to satisfy in the users. Therefore, we can assume that there are several categories of mobile apps, including:

  • Sales (services and products - to help users to solve and find the solution to a problem)
  • Information (access to informative content which has quick and easy reference)
  • Communication ( facilitate the interaction and relationship between people)
  • Entertainment (games and fun) In addition to the development of these apps, webcomum also defines Mobile Marketing strategies.

In addition to the development of these applications, Webcomum defines Mobile Marketing Strategies